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Well, your blog is soooo amazing. I have just one question: Will Lewandowski move to FC Bayern Munich? Can you tell me something more about that, please..:)

Aww thank you anon!! <3

Well, we don´t know anything for sure yet. His agent that asshole said he´s going to move to Bayern next season and there´s nothing to discuss. However, Klopp said they Bayern didn´t make any offers for him. His agent that asshole said like 3 times before he had a contract with Bayern, United and I don´t remember which other club, so you can´t take him seriously. To be honest I don´t understand why a person like him is lewy´s agent.

Klopp is confident he´ll stay, Lewy said he might be the Bundesliga´s top scorer next season so we know for sure he´ll stay in BL, maybe in BVB, maybe in Bayern. They said they´ll confirm his future after the final of Champions League, but there aren´t an official statement yet =_=”